The Chicago album: Chance and Kanye’s Second City collaboration

Kanye West and Chance the Rapper (Photo: Paul Natkin 2018.)

Kanye West announced last week that he and Chance the Rapper are working on an album together which will be titled “Good Ass Job.” The two Chicago natives have worked together in the past, but the idea of a whole album together is exciting music fans everywhere.

While Chance’s popularity has exploded in the past two years, his fame is even more intense within the city. He has made a point to remain dedicated to supporting his hometown through multiple organizations and events, but especially his charity, Social Works that benefits that Chicago Public Schooling system. Chance and Chicago are synonymous.

West has shown less of an affinity for the city since his emergence as a pop culture icon in the last decade. He has focused is attention on broad criticism rather than direct involvement, but his recent decision to move back home to Chicago may symbolize the turning of a new leaf.

Chance and Kanye are known for starkly different personas. Chance maintains his image as the humble hometown kid who loves God, the children, and his city. Kanye loves Kanye. He draws constant comparisons between Jesus Christ and himself and never attempts to be perceived as humble.

The album has the potential to not only be wildly successful, but the amount of time the two must spend together to create could allow for the possibility of character changes on both sides. West is no longer a Chicago rapper and Chance is not yet a household name. Are either what the two truly desire, and is the grass just always greener?

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