DePaul Student Continues History of Live Music in Chicago Bar Scene

IMG_2565 (1)
Bridger Fedor, a junior at DePaul, performs at Irish Eyes last Thursday night. (Photo: Adam Webb, Oct. 4, 2018.) 

In 2017, now-alumuni of DePaul University, Mike Doherty and Emily Palmeri began performing weekly at Irish Eyes, a local Irish pub, so give students an alternative option to the plethora of clubs and busy bars inhabiting Chicago. Bridger Fedor began playing as a featured guest, and now, with his predecessors having graduated, he continues the tradition for a new school year. Nestled on Lincoln Avenue between Lill and Altgeld, Irish Eyes provides a relaxed atmosphere perfectly fitting to Fedor’s casual demeanor.

IMG_2562 (1)
Fedor practices in his apartment leading up to the show. Rather than going through songs he plans to perform, he plays seemingly random chords and notes to get his fingers ready for the night. (Photo: Adam Webb, Oct. 4, 2018).
IMG_2561 (1)
Just an hour before playing music for dozens of his peers, Fedor is calm as he sips on wine and pets his cat, Bali. (Photo: Adam Webb, Oct. 4, 2018.)
IMG_2564 (1)
Juniors Jamie Semel (left) and Mia Randazzo (right) sing along to “Brown Eyed Girl,” originally performed by Van Morrison on Thursday evening. (Photo: Adam Webb, Oct. 4, 2018.) 
IMG_2569 (1)
Fedor laughs while holding a brassiere that was thrown at him during his show. (Photo: Adam Webb, Oct. 4, 2018).


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